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​​Thurrock's first 2 day Commedia Street Festival!
In 2020 the Company was awarded funding by Arts Council England and the Local Authority to deliver Thurrock's first 2 day Commedia Street Festival.  The project included an extensive education programme and collaboration with community associations to produce a show, animating traditional leather masks and performances in historically accurate, traditional costume, for 4000 people. It was our first exciting collaboration with Gandini. Sadly, due to Covid-19 we had to postpone this extravaganza but fully intend to deliver in 2022.

June 2018

Horndon-On-The-Hill Feast and Fayre 23rd & 24th June 2018

We return to our street theatre pop up stage with a programme of performances from local schools who have taken part in our Complete Commedia courses and our own work. Four outdoor performances in the Village Hall Car Park!

We also performed our own work and platforming the work of other local companies on our pop up stage!

September 2017

Sep 23rd - Silk River performance, East Tilbury

August 2017

August 1st-29th Rendered Retina perform FORM at the Pleasence Ten Dome, Edinburgh Fringe

July 2017

July 7th-9th Performances of Thurrock 100 tales in collaboration with Kinetika at three sites around Thurrock telling local tales through Commmedia scenarios

July 7th - Promenade Performance, Horndon on the Hill

July 8th - Promenade Performance, TICC; Chafford Gorge; Lakeside

July 9th - Promenade performance Langdon Hills; BATA, East Tilbury

June 2017

June 19 - 23 - T.I.E performance by Rendered Retina at Palmers College

June 24th Street Performances with Palmer's college at Horndon-on-the-Hill- Feast and Fayre

June 25th Thurrock 100 peformances Horndon-on the-Hill Feast and Fayre


May 2017

May 12 - Performance of Timon of Athens by Rendered Retina at Winchester Theatre

March 2017

Mar 01 - T.I.E performance given by first group of students to Shaw School, South Ockendon

Mar 03 - T.I.E performance given by second group of students to Deneholme School, Grays

Mar 03 - T.I.E. performance given by third group of students to Woodside school, Grays

Mar 08 - T.I.E. performance given by fourth group of students to Shaw School, South Ockendon

Mar 20 - Thurrock 100 Tales, Kinetika: preparation begins on 4 new pieces of theatre for Thurrock inspired by                                                       Thurrock 100 Tales


Mar 31 - Performance of House of Hands by Rendered Retina at Kent at Canterbury

February 2017

Feb 06 - Palmers workshop BTech Performing arts students 

Feb 07 - Palmers workshop BTech Performing arts students

Feb 20 - Tech and preparation for first T.I E. group at Shaw School, South Ockendon

Feb 21 - Tech and preparation for first T.I E. group at Woodside School, Grays

Feb 23 - Tech and preparation for third T.I E. group at Shaw School, South Ockendon

Feb 24 - Tech and preparation for fourth T.I E. group at Deneholme School, Grays

January 2017

Creating 4 new commedia troupes

Palmers workshop BTech Performing arts students: Jan 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 30th, 31st!

July 2016

July 9 - Village Green, Southend

July 15 - Village Green Next Generation, Grays

July 16 - Village Beach, Grays


June 2016

June 25 & 26 - Horndon on the Hill Medieval Feast and Fayre


April 2016

Workshop at Rose Bruford, Symposium.

April 26 - introductory workshop for degree students studying European Theatre


March 2016

  • March 3 - Final rehearsals for Theatre in Education Project

  • Performances and workshops at:

    • March 4 - St.Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Tilbury;

    • March 11 - Deneholm Primary School, Grays;

    • March 17 - Woodside Primary School, Grays.

February 2016

February4, 5, 11, 12, 25, 26 - Palmers College Workshops and rehearsals for Theatre in Education project with BTech Performing Arts Students

January 2016 
January 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 - Palmers College Workshops and preparation for Theatre in Education project with BTech Performing Arts students.

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