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Our Workshops

Package 1:
Complete Commedia’s: Get Seriously Physical

Workshop Suitability: Key Stage 2 & 3 & 4
Duration: 9 Ho
urs ( 3 X 3 hours or 6 X 1.5 hours)
Maximum Number of students: 30
Course leaders: 2

Our most popular course offers a comprehensive introduction to commedia dell’arte, its masks and its skills. Students will achieve performan
ce quality sketches inspired by the zany antics of the Commedia characters. 

he time can be allocated between multiple classes and/or year groups.  

Price: £600

Package 2:
Complete Commedia’s: Nitwits

(30 mins) + 1 hour workshop


Performance: Suitable for families and children
Workshop: Ages 5 - 9  includes physical humour, clowning, masks and stage combat. Very practical. 
Accessibility: This show is non-verbal and the workshop can be adapted to meet a range of needs. 
Space/ tech required: Suitable for outdoors and indoors, informal and formal spaces. No tech support required. All equipment is provided for the workshops and is included in the price. 


Inspired by the antics of Laural and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Mr Bean and commedia dell arte, Nittwits is an unashamedly light-hearted celebration of physical, slapstick and knockabout comedy.  The story of two comical characters who meet, greet, argue and ultimately reunite over a newspaper, celebrates visual comedy.   

The audience are invited to try the slapstick and masks and create their own narrative. 

Price: £400

Package 3:
Complete Commedia’s: A Commedia Christmas Carol


Performance: Suitable for 7 + years
Duration: 60 mins
Availability: Nov & Dec


Accompany Scrooge as he rediscovers the true meaning of Christmas. Using Dickens’ own words this classic tale is faithfully retold with theatrical, imaginative energy whilst being faithful to the victorian aesthetic.  The school is invited to attend the performance at a local church (walking distance) that has been transformed into a little theatre.

It provides the children with the opportunity to see live theatre (not panto) in their local environment.
If you are unfamiliar with the commedia dell’arte think “A Muppet Christmas Carol” with no pigs or frogs.


Price: £700

Package 4:
Theatre in Education and Street Festival


Duration: 25 hours (Can be delivered in school timetable)
Full CPD for teachers
Suitability: Key Stage 3 & 4.  
Location: school hall or gym.
Maximum number of students: 25
Availability: Jan - June


Special requirements: Booking this course early is essential so we are able to prioritise your school’s timetable.
This course is also suitable for younger students if they have elected to participate in extra curricular Drama. 


Taught by a fully qualified teacher, this course facilitates the learning of a full range of theatrical skills including mask and physical comedy.


1. Students are taught commedia dell’arte and form commedia troupes.

2. These troupes become Theatre in Education Companies and tour local primary schools (walking distance). Fully costumed and masked, the troupes perform their scenarios to the pupils at the primary school. They also create and lead a workshop teaching the primary school children about commedia.

3. The scenarios are given a second opportunity for performance in the public domain at Horndon Medieval Feast and Fayre where the students' parents and the general public are invited to be an audience at a celebratory outdoor commedia festival.  All masks, props and costumes are provided. CCC provides the administrative lead for the project, liaising between the schools and the festival.

Price includes a set of commedia masks made by Strangeface

Price:  £1,500

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