Schoolyard Scenarios


Comedy, fun and chaos comes to Thurrock Schools this July.


From July 12th-16th we’re going to be bringing the heritage, history and outrageous fun of Commedia dell’Arte to Thurrock’s schools in a brilliantly modern way. Here’s everything you need to know...


Join the Commedia Community Chorus


After a tumultuous 18 months for the whole of the UK, we’re hugely excited to be able to bring a brand new show to those most in need of a fresh spark of inspiration: our local children.


Schoolyard Scenarios is a free, educational and COVID-safe tour that’ll transport the theatrical stylings of renaissance-era Italy to Thurrock schools – infusing comedy, music and a sense of infectious interactivity that’ll get kids across the county out of their seats and involved in the action..


Image credit: Mike Johnson for T100 Festival/Kinetika

Each stop on the tour will kick off with a hilarious live show, before inviting students to learn all about the distinctive characters, movements and traditional masks of classic Commedia dell’Arte. That’s alongside learning  a raft of circus skills from internationally-acclaimed company Gandini, who will be coming to Thurrock to join us.


These workshops will be all filmed and edited into one unifying film, bringing all the borough’s schools together to showcase the children’s new skills. This will also include a music video for the ‘Commedia Community Chorus’ – with contributions from every school.

"Each stop on the tour will kick off with a hilarious live show,
before inviting students to learn all about Commedia dell’Arte."


Next year, when COVID regulations make it possible to do so, we’re planning to go one step further by bringing these schools together as part of a live Commedia dell’Arte festival.


A longstanding ambition realised


Schoolyard Scenarios is the result of successful funding awards from both Arts Council England and Thurrock Council, but it’s also a dream come true for our company’s talented performers and organisers.


“I’ve always wanted to take live theatre to Thurrock schools,” says Artistic Director Bernadette Wakeling, “and Schoolyard Scenarios is the realisation of that ambition. It will be a pleasure to work with so many of our schools in this exciting new enterprise, which strives to unite fun with learning.


“We always entertain,” Bernadette adds, “we just happen to educate as well.”


To book your free show, please contact us on 07791183999, or through our contact form.


You can download the press release here.