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Molliere’s "The Mock Doctor"

Masked Men

The complicated plights of a married couple and star-crossed
lovers are further confused by quackery and mischief in
Molliere’s comical plot. In true commedia style, sense is literally beaten into the characters and matrimonial differences are treated irreverently by old, favourite comic stereotypes.  A Molliere comedy, everyone is in disguise and telling lies or pretending to be something they’re not. The only people who know what’s going on are the audience in whom we the performers confide.   What we have done to The Mock Doctor is utterly faithful but totally irreverent. The purists would shudder but Molliere would love it.  While the stereotypes haven’t changed, the potential for contemporary comment and comedy is relished.

As it’s a Molliere it will appeal to classic theatre goers (we perform in period costume) but as an irreverent, good-hearted comedy with plenty of physical knockabout and slapstick it will appeal to a good night out audience. It is appropriate for families, 11+ children, parents and grandchildren but is not targeted at children. It would suit a pub, bar or any intimate indoor environment. It has a music hall feel to it with a spit and sawdust, rustic ambience. It lasts an hour and has original songs which add the 21st century twist. (Our heroine sounds more like Greta.) We travel light. We have 5 performers, 7 characters, 5 masks, 5 musical instruments, a case full of props and our own chaise longue. It is suitable for outdoors and has no tech requirements.

1 hour performance

Show: Suitable for families and children but not targeted at children


Space/tech requirements:  Suitable for outdoors and indoors, informal and formal spaces.

No tech support required.

All masks and equipment are provided.

5 performers

Price: £1,000 per day

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