Complete Commedia’s "Nitwits"

Inspired by the antics of Laural and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Mr Bean and Commedia dell'arte, Nitwits is an unashamedly lighthearted celebration of physical, slapstick and knockabout comedy.  The story of two comical characters who meet, greet, argue and ultimately reunite over a newspaper, celebrates visual comedy. After this 30 minute performance, the audience are invited to try the slapstick and masks, encouraged to create their own narrative.


30 min performance

     + 1 hour workshop

Show: Suitable for families and children


Workshop: Suitable for ages 5-9 includes physical humour, clowning, masks and stage combat. Very practical.

Accessibility: This show is non-verbal and the workshop can be adapted to meet a range of needs.


Space/tech requirements:  Suitable for outdoors and indoors, informal and formal spaces. An open space, (e.g. a large classroom) is ideal.

No tech support required.

All masks and equipment are provided.

The workshop is suitable for groups of 20.

2 performers

Price: £600 per day

COVID-19: Book with confidence!

Due to the continuing uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we understand the need to be flexible. Should it be necessary to cancel a booking we would, in the first instance, offer alternative dates to fulfill our contract.

The Complete Commedia Company

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